FROMM is a way of doing things, passed from family to family, winemaker to winemaker, over years. A treasure handed from one custodian to the next, each making their own mark while respectfully paying homage to the work and vision of those before. It is fiercely bearing a shield to protect a philosophy that can be seen in soil. It’s a simple message that transcends the complexity of blood and borders. FROMM is playful and true, as real as fresh Kina eaten on the back of a boat, still dripping in sea water while sculling Chardonnay from the bottle. FROMM is wholesome, solid, lacking in pretense. It’s narrow vines and small paddocks. It’s a sense of quiet rightness that builds into something much louder and more raucous as night falls. It’s a wintry walk in the hills followed by a venison stew and a smile-making malbec. It’s an admiration for heritage and the romance of the past. It’s a collection of hundreds of cork screws that silently make a point. FROMM is unapologetic, friendly, mouth-watering. 

“You can’t come to Marlborough without fishing in the Sounds, eating a pork belly pie from The Burleigh or taking a dip in the Craig Lockhart swimming hole. This isn’t just about wine farming. It’s a way of life for our families”

– Adam Balasoglou, Sales Manager, Winemaking.

“I think anyone visiting Marlborough for wine should visit some big as well as the small wineries. It is by doing this, you can see what makes us different - makes us unique.”

– Stephan Walliser, Co-Owner and General Manager.

Cellar door hours:
Monday — Sunday
11.00am — 5:00pm
+ (64) 3 572 9355