Hans Herzog is a man born in Switzerland, but it is also an obsession — for 500 years the Herzog family hands have worked on and in the land, digging the soil, growing. It is a life dedicated to learning old world agriculture handed down in a way that was simply the way of life. Hans Herzog is a focus that developed into a rebellion and eventually led to Hans and his partner in crime, Therese moving to the best wine region in the world, Marlborough. Hans Herzog is no accident. It is deliberate and exacting — all clean lines and crisp edges. It’s the tireless, endless search for rightness, but it’s an embrace of Mother Nature and the elements that direct her path. This is where farming is art. It’s poppies between the vines. It’s also reading a book by the fire with the dogs at your feet. It’s a perfect line up of dinner ingredients on a clean bench top and a sharp kitchen knife. It’s adventure, a search for knowledge and understanding in far flung places, and it’s returning home each time, satisfied that this place remains the only place where the work can be done. It is an unwavering gaze, a reluctance to settle for less than perfection. Hans Herzog is a journey where the beginning, middle and end will always be wine. It’s a dream made solid by sheer force of will.

“Therese and I have travelled the world visiting the best wine regions and so many offer something you could really love. One that wooed us was the Calchagua Valley in Chile but it was Marlborough that stole our hearts. We still think it is the best. Our most memorable wine and food match is when we opened a magnum of our Sauvignon Blanc Grand Duchasse 2013 and drank it with fresh Marlborough scallops. You can’t do that in Chile!”

– Hans Herzog, Co-Owner and Winemaker.

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