Tom and Fiona started life divided only by the Cook Strait. The capital and a small secluded bay in the Sounds was their antipodes. Globe trotting and trying new things, those two points making their way around a circle and the line that eventually led them to each other and onto the place they now call home. Full circle. Rock Ferry is content in the knowledge that it offers a kind of perfection that’s as true as truffles are in Piedmont, Retsina is in Athens while offering something just a little bit unique. Rock Ferry is a swim in a crystal clear Marlborough stream, an afternoon in the garden with gardening tools passed down from the last generation. A father’s hand holding the same spade as the daughter, working the same land only years apart. It’s the chase and capture of a daughter’s beloved but wayward horse. Again. And again. And again. Rock Ferry is curious. It’s the hard work to find out what’s right in the here and now, and it’s the search for other places and their right things and right moments. It’s an understanding of what it means to be a local and to have ‘a local’. Rock Ferry is a daily search for resonance that ends with a cup of restorative tea (or restorative G & T) and a Marlborough sunset.

“I love what Marlborough offers. It is the opportunities and the lifestyle; the diversity of things to do whether inside or out, work or play that makes life worth living and this place has an abundance of choice.”

– Tom Hutchison, Director and Co-Owner.

Cellar door hours:
Monday — Sunday
10.00am — 4:30pm

Café hours:
Monday — Sunday
11.30am — 3:00pm
+ (64) 3 579 6430